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Edcursion Technology

Updated 10/11/2022

Covid Safety

Below is Edcursion's rules, guidelines and framework for handling Covid 19 at all Edcursion's operating facilities.

1. Purpose

As Victoria begins lifting COVID-19 restrictions, Edcursion Technology PTY LTD is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its employees within the workplace. To facilitate an organised and controlled return to the office, we have implemented this Return to Work Policy, which outlines safety measures to prevent or slow the spread of the disease within the workplace.

The Company is committed to:

  1. Ensuring the health, safety and welfare at work of all employees;
  2. Facilitating the safe and sustainable return to work from quarantine during COVID-19; and ensuring that no employee is disadvantaged or prejudiced by their participation in a return to work plan.

2. Early notification of COVID-19

Employees who have symptoms of COVID-19 must not come to the office and notify their supervisor or manager as soon as possible. Symptomatic employees must seek medical advice as soon as reasonably possible, and keep the company informed of their diagnosis.

Employees who have been exposed to COVID-19, or display symptoms of COVID-19, must immediately seek medical advice, and self-quarantine for 14 days. They are encouraged to contact the National Coronavirus hotline (1800 020 080) for assistance. They must also keep their supervisor or manager informed of their condition and any diagnosis that may follow. Employees who test negative following exposure may return to work following their 14-day quarantine period.

Employees who are infected with COVID-19 must immediately seek medical advice and inform their supervisor or manager. Employees may return to work after 5 days of recovery. Recovering employees must submit a medical clearance from the relevant clearing authority, be it a public health official or the employee’s treating clinician.

3. Employee Obligations

  1. Practice social distancing.
  2. Practice good hygiene
  3. Monitor their health
  4. Seek medical help whenever necessary
  5. Not come to the office if they are feeling unwell
  6. Keep the company posted on their situation if they either come into contact with COVID-19 or develop COVID-19 symptoms.

4. Physical distancing

Employees must practice social distancing within Edcursion Technology PTY LTD’s premises. Employees must maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between each other at all times. In addition, the Australian health authorities encourages the following measures within the workplace:

  1. Employees must stop shaking hands to greet others;
  2. Managers and Supervisors must consider cancelling non-essential meetings. If needed, hold meetings via video conferencing or phone call;
  3. Managers and Supervisors put off large meetings to a later date where possible;
  4. Managers and Supervisors must hold essential meetings outside in the open air if possible

In addition, Edcursion Technology PTY LTD will:

  1. Put up posters around the workplace on keeping at least 1.5 meters distance between everyone at the workplace.
  2. Provide social distancing markers on the floor in areas where customers line up or where workers perform tasks.
  3. Erect signs at the entrances to lifts and meeting rooms to ensure the maximum safe capacity is not exceeded.
  4. Move workstations, desks and tables in staff rooms further apart to comply with social distancing.
  5. Request contactless delivery and e-invoicing wherever possible.
  6. Nominate a person on the work floor to be responsible for keeping everyone the required 1.5 meter distance apart in accordance with the latest government requirements.

5. Handwashing and hygiene

The Australian health authorities recommend hand washing with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds at relevant intervals. Edcursion Technology PTY LTD encourages all Employees to wash their hands every hour. In addition, we will:

  1. Set up hand sanitiser stations at Reception, Meeting Rooms and Work Spaces.
  2. Ensure bathrooms are well stocked with hand wash and paper towel.
  3. Put up posters with instructions on how to hand wash/hand rub.
  4. Provide closed rubbish bins to each employee.

6. Cleaning

Edcursion Technology PTY LTD will implement the following enhanced cleaning and sanitation processes:

  1. Daily disinfection of areas frequented by Employees and others.
  2. Disinfection of frequently touched areas and surfaces with an appropriate disinfectant solution every hour. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. EFTPOS equipment
    2. elevator buttons
    3. handrails
    4. tables
    5. counter tops
    6. doorknobs
    7. sinks
    8. keyboards.
  3. Cleaners will be provided with gloves and masks and will be required to wash their hands thoroughly before and after any cleaning rounds.

In addition, Employees must clean personal property that they will be bringing to work, such as sunglasses, mobile phones and iPads with an appropriate disinfectant solution.

7. Symptom Monitoring

Edcursion Technology PTY LTD will actively monitor its Employees for symptoms of COVID-19. In line with this, the company will:

  1. Put up signs about the symptoms of COVID-19 within its premises;
  2. Direct workers to stay home if they are sick, and require them to call the National Coronavirus hotline (1800 020 080);
  3. Remind staff of their leave entitlements if they are sick or required to self‑quarantine;
  4. Treat personal information about individual workers’ health carefully, in line with privacy laws;
  5. Facilitate working from home, for staff who are required to self-quarantine but are willing and able to work.

8. Review of the Return to Work Policy

This Return to Work Policy shall be formally reviewed by the HR Department on a regular basis. Policies may be added, removed, amended or replaced as necessary, depending on circumstances as and when they arrive. Edcursion Technology PTY LTD endeavours to communicate any changes clearly and in a timely manner. In addition, Edcursion Technology PTY LTD will cooperate with public health officials and consult medical professionals whenever and wherever appropriate.

If the ordinary operation of the company poses risk to the health and safety of employees, Edcursion Technology PTY LTD will take active steps to mitigate any health and safety threats, including a return to remote-only work

This Return to Work Policy will cease when either COVID-19 is no longer impacting upon the safety and health of employees or alternative long-term arrangements have been made. The Company is committed to coping with the change in circumstances and resume back to normal operation.

9. Mental Health Support

The Company recognises that employees may be experiencing anxiety, distress and concern in relation to COVID-19. Employees are encouraged to seek mental health support or services if experiencing any mental health issues or requiring wellbeing support.

10. Further information and advice

For latest advice, information and resources in relation to COVID-19, please visit Coronavirus (COVID-19) Victoria.

For more information on identifying the symptoms of COVID-19, go to the WHO Website.

For information on cleaning and disinfection, see the information sheet on &quto;Information about routine environmental cleaning and disinfection in the community&quto; at the Australian Government Department of Health Website.

For any concerns in relation to this policy, refer to related policies of the Company or contact David Ngo by telephone on +61411834771 for further advice