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Powering the next generation

Void-filling entrepreneurs, with ambitious goals of securing Australia's next future.

Image of the Co Founders of Edcursion Technology.

We are believers in value creation and co-benefiting in all our business mottos. In a society with limited resources, we believe zero-sum business conduct is never the way to go. We see successful business coming from striving for maximized value creation through innovation and creativity to our targeted customers and the shareholders of the company, value-creation is ingrained into our corporate DNA.

David and Jack, Founders of Edcursion

On a mission to empower teams

We are a mission-driven team with the mindset to maximise the value generated for all stakeholders of the company.

We aim to provide a stage with equilibrium in maximising the benefits and values to clients, employees, and shareholders.

We don't see ourselves as the leaders of the company but as the forerunner, providing a set of mission and value-driven products, forming passionate team members, finding the right capital partner that sees the value and providing the best possible solutions for the customers who entrust us with our product.

Our Vested Interest

We have had numerous involvements in the below industries in our past projects.
The list below illustrates our interests and participation.

    Image representing Medical Softwares
  • Medical Softwares

    We have undergone deep research and due diligence of the problems in the medical industry and are currently developing a medical-related solution

  • Image representing Manufacturing Hardware
  • Manufacturing Hardware

    We have had experiences empowering traditional manufacturing with innovative technology solutions to optimize quality and efficiency.

  • Image representing Productivity Tools
  • Productivity Tools

    We develop and utilize internal development tools to optimize software development efficiency.

  • Image representing Education Software
  • Education Software

    We have had numerous experiences of researching and operating educational softwares in real settings

  • Image representing HR Technology
  • HR Technology

    We are currently developing a close-knit and easy-to-use software to maximize human and productive efficiency in organizations.

  • Image representing FM Technology
  • FM Technology

    Our software integrates seamlessly with mainstream accounting software for complete financial oversight.

Our Core Team Members

From Engineering, Medical and Manufactureing. We've got it all. Connect with one of our members today to set up a meeting.